Brush Holders

We are the only Indian manufacturer whose Brush holder assembly for the TAO 659A motor has received CLW's approval.

We have introduced a new simplified Spring arrangement for the TAO Brush Holder by reducing the parts count to minimize the effect of brush wear on the brush pressure. By so doing brush pressure is maintained within the specified limits throughout the useful life of the Carbon brush.

Our Hitachi Motor HS15250 Brush Holders conform to the improvements called for in RDSO/WAG5/27 & 28 modifications and are approved by CLW, BHEL and all the traction motor manufacturers.

We can also offer Hitachi Motor HS 1050 Brush Holders.

Our product range also includes Brush Holders for TM165/4906 AZ manufactured by BHEL, and used on Diesel Electric Locomotives.

We have our own-in-house die-casting facility and CNC machining center as also extensive tooling, jigs and fixtures which enable us to maintain full control over our product quality. The TAO Brush Holder aluminium bronze body is manufactured by the chill casting process. Alsthom-France who are the original designers and manufacturers of this part, prescribe and follow the same process.

Brush pockets are broached and all springs are manufactured out of specially rolled spring steel strips. Springs are checked for torque values at varying deflections. Finger assembly bosses are silver brazed to the housing and not spot welded.

Brush Holders

TAO Modified
(SS Springs)

- 15250 Modified
H S 1050 TM 165 / 4906 AZ TAO 659
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