TAO 659 Brush Holder Revolving Ring Assembly with Lead Wires

We are the largest manufacturer of this item in the country.


In our endeavor to provide complete solutions for Traction Brushgear we have tried to eliminate the problems associated with frequent failures of manually taped and varnished Connection assemblies by replacing them with flame retardant FLUONLEX cables.  These are rated for class C operating temperature.  Additionally cables offer better protection against insulation failure in the field on account of arcing, abrasion, attack by corrosive fluids and voltage surges.  As a result even in cases of multiple flashovers the only maintenance action required is surface cleaning of the BHRR to remove accumulated carbon dust.



This is a concept which we have developed and promoted as it offers a cost effective option to prolong the reliability as well as service life of traction motors.  Briefly, we collect used Rings from Zonal Railway Sheds which are dismantled totally and then refurbished :


The steel ring is replaced with a new one so as to enable it to be mated to a new stator after "Neutral Axis Setting"


The taped copper connection assembly is replaced with Hitachi make Fluonlex cables with appropriate crimped terminals and cleats to anchor the cables to the steel ring.

Brush holders, insulators etc are either reconditioned or replaced.

When complete the Ring fully meets the requirement of RDSO Modification 196.

We have also developed a kit for setting the Neutral axis at the Shed level after installation of the refurbished ring.  The end result is that the Railways save a significant amount and at the same time are assured of a product which meets the latest applicable RDSO standards.

TAO 659 Brush Holder Revolving Ring Assembly with Lead Wires


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